Computer REpair

I offer many different services in Airdrie, from computer repairs, virus & malware removal to upgrades to your current system. You do not want to risk your data by trying to save some money.

I also offer services to setup networks, printers and new computers. If you are having a lot of trouble trying to get everything to play nice, I can help you out with that.

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Web Design

Why go through the difficulty of trying to build your own website or pay someone an absurd amount of cash to build your website. I offer affordable websites to Airdrie and surrounding communities for a price that will amaze you.

Building your own website may seem like the best solution, but you will be missing out on things like SEO, Online Shopping and Secure hosting. These three things can have a huge impact on your business and keep customers from finding your business.

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Business Solutions

If you feel like you are spending more time on keeping your computer systems running than on your business, it might be time to outsource your I.T. work. Outsourcing your I.T. not only saves you time to focus on your business, but can save you money that you have spent focusing on the wrong part of your business.

I offer many different solutions in Airdrie from setup, upgrades to troubleshooting. I even offer contracted rates that give more affordable solutions without having to dig deep into your pockets.

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