Computer Repair Airdrie

I offer many different services in Airdrie from Computer Repairs, Upgrades, Setup and Custom Built Systems. I use a different approach to Viruses and Malware then most of my competitors which allows me to give a better cleaning of your system. With upgrading your hard drive I can do it seamlessly without affecting any programs or files on the computer. I can also attempt to recover bad data off of a hard drive that has not completely failed. Get an expert in Airdrie to take a look at your computer so that you know it is being dealt with safely. If you want to try some safe ways to remove malware and viruses from your computer I have listed some programs at the bottom of this page which should be of great use.

Virus and Malware Removal Airdrie


I do a full clean-up of your computer which removes Viruses, Malware & Unwanted Software

Computer Hardware Upgrades Airdrie


I offer hardware & software upgrades for your computer. Move to the latest OS or add a bigger hard drive into your computer

Hard Drive Recovery Airdrie


I can help recovery files from a corrupt hard drive to save valuable data. I can also help to transfer data off of an old computer.

Network and Wireless Setup Airdrie


I can help you to setup your new computer, network, printer & other accessories.

Customer Built Computers Airdrie


If you want a top notch computer, get it customized. From just an everyday desktop to a high end gaming computer.

Computer Business Solutions Airdrie


I offer IT support to local businesses in Airdrie. I can help repair, setup and train employees on new technologies.

Free Tools

If you would like to try and solve a problem on your own, I have listed some free tools below that you can try. Remember that you should always make a backup of your files first as there is no guarantee.