Chef Wendi – Website

I have just finished up on my latest website for a new business in Airdrie. Chef Wendi offers a great experience for everyone allowing you to site back and enjoy a nice home cooked meal. She offers everything from a family dinner, pre-made meals and even culinary classes. Please check out her website at

Firefox 57

Just like something else with 57 in its name, Mozilla has done a great job. Not only does and new version run smoothly, but gives it a fighting chance to compete against Chrome. The first thing you will notice with the new version, if you have previously used Firefox is a change in the interface. They have now made it a little more square than before and cleaned it up a bit. Once you get over the new interface, you then start to see the reponsiveness of it as you browse the web. They claim that Firefox speed has double from a year ago, and you can feel it. I recommend giving the new Firefox a go and who knows, maybe you will stick with it. You can download it here.

Changes to Web Hosting

Web HostingI have made some changes to how I will be handling web hosting. To help give more options and freedom, I will no longer be offering hosting personally. From now on I will be offering hosting through a service provider and depending on if you have more than the basic work done, I will be providing discounted rates. This will also offer faster servers and depending on the service you select, you can host multiple websites on the same server. If you have any questions about this change, please feel free to contact me and discuss and worries you might have.

Business As Usual

I thought now that everything is starting to go back to normal I would post as to why I have not been available for the past 6 weeks. We had our daughter on Aug 7 and everything was good up until the 19th where is was unable to keep any milk down and so we took her into the Children’s Hospital. She was diagnose with meningitis and had to go through treatments of antibiotics. A day after, she started having seizures which lead to an MRI showing she had a blood clot in her brain and hemorrhaging. This caused a stroke in her and the outcome was unknown as to what type of damage was done. Fast-forward to today and she is out of the hospital and doing great! She has recovered with the best outcome from it and impressed the doctors. I would like to thank all of those people who were able to be very understanding and let me spend time with my family.

Risto Harkonen

Cool Little Computer

LicheePi ZeroSo for those people out there who like the Raspberry Pi, I thought I would share this new device with you. It is called the LicheePi Zero and it’s just a little bigger than a SD card. It can be combined with many addons to make it into whatever you want. You can pretty much build a small little laptop from it and even play some games on it as well. Right now it is on an Indiegogo campaign so go ahead and fund it if you want to tinker with something new.

Click the link below to see the campaign and donate to it.